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  European and American foreign teachers' companies remind us that we need to pay attention to the following misunderstandings in the one-on-one learning of children's foreign teachers:


  Myth 1: "just spend the money"


  Countermeasure: is it really a problem that can be solved if you are willing to spend money on learning? It's not just about spending money, but about spending the right money.


  Whether parents choose one-to-one institutions or international schools for their children, they should combine their children's own personality characteristics and learning conditions. Rujiachang found a very good one-to-one online course for foreign teachers on the Internet. All the institutions invite first-class foreign teachers, which is expensive, but has a good reputation. But children are too young and have poor self-discipline. It's hard to keep learning for more than ten or twenty minutes in front of the computer. So, this kind of money is not spent right.


  This is also the case when visiting international schools. We should not only go to the schools to check in person, but also compare the teaching facilities, teachers' teaching styles and activities in and out of class.


  Error 2: memorizing words is the most important thing in English learning


  Countermeasures: the ability to use language is the most important.


  Many traditional parents think that a responsible teacher should pay attention to students every day, such as making students recite texts, silent words, and write homework. In fact, these should serve for their children's ability to use English. Teachers of foreign teachers have never taught in this way. We have abandoned the boring teaching method and adopted the situational mother tongue teaching method, which can not only cultivate children's interest in English learning, but also improve their English application ability in such a learning environment. Students from foreign teachers have a fluent English expression ability. They can switch freely in any scene, which is the real learning and use.


  Of course, children of different ages have different purposes and teaching methods. They need to teach according to their own situations.


  Mistake 3: looking for a fast English class


  Countermeasures: learning is a process of accumulation, and it is true that we should step by step.


  It is often seen that there are training courses with the banner of fast learning: three-day oral English fast class; 24-hour breakthrough in English grammar; one week of English learning, all over the world are not afraid... Is such a slogan credible?


  Education is the most worthy investment, not only money, but also time. Learning is a down-to-earth process. To encourage the young is to destroy the young. In addition to patience and diligence, efficient learning and teaching methods will greatly improve learning efficiency.


  Myth 4: parents can teach English by themselves


  Countermeasures: to create an English learning atmosphere.


  Parents with such ideas should think about that they can teach English by themselves, and they can also teach Chinese, mathematics and geography by themselves. Is it necessary for the child to go to school? Teachers, so-called preaching and career solving puzzles, can all parents replace it? The school environment is completely different from family education, and entering school is also entering a small society, and learning in school is OK In order to cultivate children's observation ability, broaden learning channels, cultivate the spirit of cooperation, these are not given by family education.