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  Many people want to learn zero basic English, but they don't know where to start. Now Beijing foreign teachers company will share with you what we need to do to learn zero basic English?


  1. Teaching materials


  Learning English must be inseparable from textbooks. There are too many textbooks on the market, some of which are reliable and some of which are fooling people. If the bookstore chooses its own books on the basis of "zero", then the advice of the editor is: keep away from all the books in the "adult English" section and go to the special section of junior high school. The teaching materials of junior and senior high schools are really good materials for laying the foundation. Because the students are using these materials to prepare for the exam, so these materials are speaking with strength. Maybe some people think that they are adults, different from high school students. But in fact, after the age of ten, the second language is acquired, so in essence, the learning process of adults and high school students is the same.


  Junior and senior high school teaching materials are the most suitable for laying the foundation. No matter how many days they are advertised as quick, they should be ignored. English learning is bound to be a long process, speed up the sacrifice is bound to be quality.


  2. Learning steps


  make a plan

  这个是比较推荐的做法,当然,每个人的学习习惯不同,可以参照,但可以不用完全照做。选择一本主攻教材后可以大致浏览一下章节数,根据自己希望学完的时长来安排学习内容,最好可以细化到每一天。这么做最大的好处就是,让自己在浪费时间的时候心里时刻有负罪感,心里会时刻想着未完成的学习任务。当然,适当的放松也是很有必要的,放松的时候可以不用想着学习,尽情玩耍。但是有学习任务的日子就一定要全心全意地学习。就是所谓的“work hard, play hard”。

  This is a recommended practice. Of course, everyone's learning habits are different. You can refer to it, but you don't have to follow it completely. After selecting a textbook, you can roughly browse the number of chapters, and arrange the learning content according to the length of time you want to finish. It is better to refine it to every day. The biggest advantage of doing this is to make yourself feel guilty when wasting time, and always think of unfinished learning tasks. Of course, it is necessary to relax properly. When you relax, you can play without thinking about study. But when there are learning tasks, we must study wholeheartedly. It's called "work hard, play hard".


  Theoretical study


  It's really difficult to learn English from the "zero" foundation. Don't think about stuttering a fat man, or learning grammar all over in two or three months. But we should play steadily. Take a year and a half to finish it. Life is so long. You can lay a solid foundation for a language in a year or two. What's the rush.


  (1) Go to the Internet to find a video explaining grammar in junior high school.


  Remember, it's from junior high school. For example, if you don't understand the object clause, go to the Internet to search the explanation video of the object clause. The video explanation is much better than reading.


  (2) Take a class


  Don't believe how many days of cram school, or that sentence: English learning is bound to be a long process, it takes time to digest gradually, and eventually become a language that you can master. It is suggested to look at those remedial classes for middle school students, because in this kind of organization, students' performance is a direct reflection of their teaching quality, so there is an absolute guarantee in terms of teachers.


  Of course, if you feel embarrassed to learn with a group of children, and the progress will be slower. You can consult some one-to-one course content, so that you can directly communicate with the teacher, answer questions and solve doubts, and the most important thing is that someone can supervise learning.


  Practice consolidation


  Some people may think that reading a grammar book is a success. In fact, this is only the first step in English learning. Practice and consolidation are the most important. Most textbooks have exercises at the end of each chapter, which are very good consolidation exercises. After the exercises, we should compare the answers and think about why we are doing right and why we are doing wrong - analysis is more important than doing questions. Of course, these exercises are far from enough. You can also buy some exercise books for junior and senior high schools. Many people don't like to do exercises when they are reading. In fact, the process of doing exercises is a consolidation of existing knowledge.


  3. Mobility


  In fact, many people know what they should do and how to do it, but there are only a few who have the power to act. After reading this article, people must have the ambition to learn English well. Why not act immediately?