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Why does "pay" fail to achieve the expected return?. Not to say that there is pay, there will be harvested? Perhaps your "pay" in the wrong way. Today, my ForeignerHR foreign teacher came to share with you how English learning methods are effective.


Our children usually learn English after their mother tongue has mastered it. Learning English is the study of our second language. The second language acquisition theory of Krashen, a famous American language educator, holds that the key to language acquisition is sufficient and comprehensible input. Be sure to have enough input. It is not enough to acquire a new language structure by just a few exercises and a few essays. It requires continuous, interesting reading and a lot of conversation.


A large amount of comprehensible input does not mean that you can learn it well because the process is influenced by many emotional factors. Language input must be filtered through emotion to become "language absorbed"". There are 1. affective factors that affect language acquisition: motivation. Whether the student's learning goal is clear or not influences the learning effect directly. The purpose is clear, but the driving force is great and the progress is quick; otherwise, the result is very little. 2. character. Confident, outgoing personality, willing to stay in an unfamiliar learning environment, self felt good learners in learning progress faster; 3. emotional state. Mainly anxiety and relaxation. The anxiety is stronger, the emotional barrier is higher, the input is less, and the other is easier to get more input.


ForeignerHR, the teacher of the teaching and Research Department of the foreign teacher, always emphasizes learning a language and mastering the scientific method. Only scientific teaching methods can achieve good learning results. Our one to one foreign teachers and foreign teachers have been professionally trained in education and have extensive teaching experience. Know how to create a pleasant atmosphere for learning, so that students can achieve a good combination of input and output, and truly master a language. In schools or cram schools, there is no guarantee of a undisturbed learning environment. And private one to one foreign teachers can ensure that the mother tongue learning environment, while taking into account the independence of students, so as to teach students in accordance with their aptitude.


Compared with the traditional teaching mode, one to one foreign teachers have many significant advantages. One to one foreign teachers come home, you do not have to go out to study. Pure English teaching environment. Choose the class time and place independently, and the class environment is free from interference. Class schedule is more reasonable and more humane. Face to face dialogue, communication more freely.


As a foreign teacher ForeignerHR years of professional institutions, long-term commitment to build perfect education system, from every department and the perspective of protection of students' learning process and learning efficiency, and always adhere to the "pure language, one to one" teaching mode, adhering to the "individualized learning" teaching philosophy to provide teaching service for customers. ForeignerHR foreign teachers have been unanimously recognized by parents, we will work harder and more to meet the requirements of students, help you relax the English pass, into the ideal school.